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Other Such Nonsense, Redux” is the resurrected, updated version of my single panel comic published in various outlets and formats in the mid 1990’s. These comics represent ideas, concepts and humor that don’t necessarily fit a multi-panel format or within the storylines of “Uh, Actually Daddy“. Click the links below or use the drop down menu above to navigate the “Other Such Nonsense, Redux” archives.

Cross Crossing, April 7th 2012
Deer Pong, March 31st 2012
Angel of Mercy, March 3rd 2012
Arresting Performance, February 11th 2012
Mary’s Lamb, February 4th 2012
Mob Stooges, January 28th 2012
That’s a Moray!, January 21st 2012
Cows in the Night, January 14th 2012
Punctuated Gossip, January 7th 2012
Possession, December 31st 2011
Christmas Carols, December 24th 2011
Bread Loaf, December 17th 2011
Missing, December 10th 2011
Where Grape Nuts Come From, December 3rd 2011
Beethoven’s First, November 26th 2011
Remote Island, November 19th 2011
Medicinal Porpoises, November 12th 2011
Coyotus Interruptus, October 22nd 2011