Head Writer/Staff Supervisor: Connor is an energetic trend-setter who has been with our organization since 2003. In that time he has played an integral part in the development of one of the most popular comic strips in our household area.




Junior Assistant Staff Intern Writer: Eric (show here at left, with a rabid fan at ConnorCon 2012) joined the staff of “Uh, Actually Daddy” shortly after the comic strip’s internet launch in May of 2011. Since coming onboard, Eric hasn’t done much but drink our whiskey; but what do you expect out of an unpaid intern? He’s written a few good punchlines, such as the classic… well, uh… the much-liked… umm… enh, doesn’t matter. He writes every once in a while. Oh, and he’s also the President Pro Tem of the “Uh, Actually Daddy International Fan Club and Associated Jamboree”.